The Honest Review of Brilliant earth Engagement Rings for US Citizens

Finding the perfect engagement ring, or any piece of jewelry, can be a very difficult task especially if the piece is something that you want to have a lot of meaning. A bigger and bigger concern for people nowadays is where the diamonds come from and how they were sourced and when you look deeper into the brands and what they are offering, you will only find things to be much more difficult because a lot of them don’t have conflict free stones and that is a big problem. If you are someone that is interested exclusively in conflict free diamonds, then today’s review is perfect for you because we are going to talk about Brilliant Earth which is a USA brand that offers incredible jewelry, including Brilliant Earth engagement rings, so make sure you keep on reading.

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First we are going to start with a little back story as to why this company even began to exist. For co-founder Beth Gerstein this business actually started out as only a personal mission when she was about to be engaged herself. In that time she found that finding a conflict free engagement ring was extremely difficult and they decided that they actually wanted to take their mission further and help people find what they couldn’t. Because of this you just know that there is real passion behind the brand and every single piece that they offer.

When a company claims that they are conflict free, they usually mean that they are following the Kimberly Process, but when it comes to Brilliant Earth engagement rings and every other piece of jewelry that they offer, they claim to be even beyond conflict free. This is because they claim that all of the materials they use in their jewelry come to the USA from completely pure sources that have an entirely traceable origin. 

Another thing that the Kimberly Process standards make sure of is that the diamonds need to be mined from areas without any poor labor practices or human abuse, and this company makes sure that that is the case with each diamond they get.

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Another incredible thing about this company is the fact that they are also one of the pioneers when it comes to lab-made diamonds as well as using recycled metals in their jewelry pieces. There is a misconception around lab diamonds that they don’t look the same as real diamonds, but that is actually not true because they are produced under the same pressure and heat that simulates the natural process of the formulation of a diamond and that results with a stone that has the same physical and chemical properties as a real diamond, meaning it is a diamond that is made of pure carbon. Since this company is one of the largest online suppliers of these lab made diamonds, so will easily be able to find or even design your own piece and because it looks exactly like the real thing, there really isn’t anything that should stop you from getting one. They are also determined to stop all of the negative impacts that come with mining gold and other precious metals and the way they do that is by using recycled materials, which is another great bonus about Brilliant Earth.

Now that you know a little bit more about Brilliant Earth and what they can offer you, we hope that you see the benefit and the importance of going for a conflict free piece of jewelry. Make sure you check out the theknot.com/marketplace/brilliant-earth-san-francisco-ca-724863 and get yourself one of the gorgeous Brilliant Earth engagement rings, or simply go to one of their showrooms all around the USA and find your perfect match there.

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