4 Things everyone needs to know about Buying Diamonds

4 Things everyone needs to know about Buying Diamonds

If you plan on buying an engagement ring or any kind of diamond jewelry you may be rather panicked by looking at the store. When buying diamonds you need to keep the 4 C’s in mind; color, carat, cut and clarity.

  1. Color

The best kind of diamonds are colorless however you may get diamonds that are of colors such as blue, pink and yellow but those are another kind of diamond. Diamonds are categorized by different gem certified organizations on the basis of their color. Grades D to F are seen as colorless, grades G to J are seen as near colorless, grades K to M are seen as faint yellow, grades N to R are considered as very light yellow and lastly the grades S to Z are considered as light yellow. Most diamonds ranging in the first category are seen as the same, an individual may see a change in color somewhere around H. when buying a white diamond it is recommended to stay within the D to I range.

  1. Clarity

The word clarity suggests the internal and external features of a diamond known as inclusions and blemishes. Clarity is defined under a 10 times power magnification, however some clarity features in the lower graded categories of diamonds can be seen by the naked human eye. The differences in clarity depend on bubbles, small crystals and any other kind of imperfections. There are various grades of diamonds that categorize its clarity.

  1. Cut

Out of the 4 important things to remember, cut is the most important C. The cut of the stone is what makes it a whole beautiful diamond. A stone that may not be of the proper color or clarity could still be preferred by others if it has the proper cut. In a diamond that is cut well, light can enter and exit properly. This may not happen with diamonds that are either cut to deep or cut to shallow.

  1. Carat

One carat is equal to about .20 grams. It has nothing to do with scintillation rather the weight and the size. The weight and size does play a major role with the silent 5th C, the cost. This is important as people going out to buy a diamond have a certain budget in mind. Most often a small sized diamond with a proper cut, color and clarity is better than one that is larger in size.

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